Connecting Hundreds Of Millions People To Digital Financial Services

Kosta Peric

David Birch and I recently met and had a nice, leisurely chat about financial inclusion and my work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Yes, the ambition is to connect hundreds of millions of people to digital financial services.

And we also explored how digital identity can unlock social as well as financial inclusion.

The podcast is here (excellent listening for your workout or commute)

Always a pleasure, Dave!

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Digital Disruptors

Kosta Peric

Erik Kruse and his Networked Society team at Ericsson have been publishing a number of reports, under the common theme of “Industries In Transformation”,  about how the hyper-connectivity brought by the internet is changing the business landscape. These reports are of very high-quality, well researched and documented and an easy read – the home page for the initiative is here.

The latest report in the series is titled “Digital Disruptors – Models Of Digital Operations” and focuses on how companies should organise themselves to operate in a digital environment, serving hyper-connected consumers and customers. I love this subject and have talked and written about it in my previous Innotribe work and my current job at the Gates Foundation. Erik Kruse and Jan Unkuri, the editor of this report, have been kind enough to reach out to me and incorporate some of my themes in the report.

I’m honoured to be featured among…

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This week in bitcoin: Do we blame the bots?


In this week’s bitcoin review, we take a look at whether bots were to blame for bitcoin’s astronomic rise late last year and how everything somehow ties back to MtGox.

Willy and Markus

When bitcoin prices jumped from $200 to $1,200 at the end of the last year, there was mad speculation about who was to blame: did bitcoin finally catch on? Is this its true value? Maybe it’s just the Chinese or Wall Street manipulating the markets? A new report released on Sunday seems to point the finger (and at least partial blame) at two bots: Willy and Markus.

Published anonymously, the “Willy Report” asserted that the two bots spent much of 2013 repeatedly and predictably creating new MtGox accounts and buying up large sums of bitcoin. The total of their buys was “suspiciously close” to the 650,000 bitcoins MtGox CEO Mark Karpeles claims the company lost, the report…

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Coinbase adds payment pages to make sending bitcoin easier


Coinbase payment page

In the never-ending quest to make using and sending bitcoin easier, Coinbase unveiled today a new feature: payment pages, which let users create a custom web address (like Marc Andreessen’s to receive payments. The pages provide a QR code and bitcoin address that let anyone, not just Coinbase users, send bitcoins. While this will help make it easier for individuals to send money to each other, it could also be good for nonprofits (like shown above) who can give the URL out easier than handing out QR codes everywhere. To prove that point, rapper Nas, Andreesen and are donating all money received through their payment pages to charity until June 6th — a move that Coinbase will match up to $50,000 in combined donations.

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