Circle unveils no-fee bitcoin platform, hopes to make currency less “terrifying” to normal people


Bitcoin is a delight for computer geeks and libertarians — and that may be one of its biggest problems: the complex code and cryptography that appeal to its supporters also mean that most normal people want nothing to do with the virtual currency.

Circle, one of a handful of well-funded start-ups backing bitcoin, has claimed for months that it will solve this problem and now it is finally providing some details as to how.  On Friday in Amsterdam, Circle showed off its first consumer product, which it says is designed to overcome “the terrifying complexity and risk” that normal people associate with bitcoin.

I’ve provided some screenshots below, but the gist of it is that Circle has introduced an interface that is supposed to resemble the everyday banking platforms with which people are already familiar. The platform provides a way for people to quickly deposit and withdraw bitcoins using their debit or credit cards, and to make payments:

Circle depositThe Circle product also offers…

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