If you think our security sitch is bad now, wait till you get a load of the internet of things


There seems to be news of a new massive security breach every day — the latest being the eBay(s ebay) mess. But, here’s the chilling thing, these are just the snafus we’ve heard about.

The good news is that because of these breaches, people are starting to get that bad browsing behavior and non-updated software on their smartphones, tablets and PCs can lead to problems. But, there’s a rash of shiny new devices connecting to the internet that are also  vulnerable to a remote attack which will require a new  way to think about security.

But, there is also an array of less glamorous connected things that predate the IoT hype cycle, and that most people don’t even think about as being vulnerable. Your printer, for example, could be a disaster waiting to happen, said Patrick Gilmore, CTO of Boston-based data center provider Markley Group (and former network architect at Akamai(s akam).)

At MIT’s CIO Symposium on Wednesday, Gilmore…

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