Get Paid: GoDaddy Links With PayPal, Dwolla, Stripe For A Mobile & Web Payment Service


As GoDaddy gears up for a $100 million IPO, the domain and web services company is adding on more features that will help it make more profitable revenues from its 12 million small-business customers. The latest of these puts GoDaddy further into the world of e-commerce.

Today, it is launching “Get Paid,” a new online and mobile payments service created with existing digital payments heavyweights PayPal, Dwolla and Stripe.

Get Paid will let users, most of whom had not been taking payments electronically before, accept credit cards, debit cards, eChecks (ACH) and PayPal transfers, and it will be available first to GoDaddy’s 9 million users in the U.S.

GoDaddy will offer it in three service tiers starting at $4/month and increasing up to $15/month depending on added features like expense tracking, connecting your bank account and other accounting integrations.

GoDaddy’s fees are outside of the commissions that the three individual services take on each transaction. You can see those transaction rates for the…

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Mobile-Only Bank Osper Raises $10M To Aim At UK Youth Market


Osper, a new UK startup, has come up with an innovative way to create a banking service than can be used by children, combining prepaid debit cards and smartphone apps controlled by both them and their parents. The approach could potentially reach a market underserved by most banks, but which may also be embraced by parents keen to educate their children early on about how to manage money.

The startup has also announced it’s closed a $10m (£6m) funding round, led by London’s Index Ventures (which has backed SoundCloud and Etsy among others). Previously Osper had raised a seed round of £800,000 in June last year as an alumni of the Techstars London accelerator. The cash will be used by founder Alick Varma to launch the service out of beta, roll out in the UK and eventually expand abroad. It’s also enrolled the backing of major UK TV celebrity…

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Startups And The Un-Banking Of America


Editor’s note: Rebecca Lynn is a general partner at Canvas Venture Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm. She has led investments in Lending Club in 2009, Check in 2011 and FutureAdvisor in 2014 and sits on the boards of Lending Club, Check, FutureAdvisor, Doximity, Convo, HealthLoop and Socrata. She also led the Series A investment in Practice Fusion.    

Historically, when looking for opportunity in the financial industry where technology can have the greatest impact — for investors and entrepreneurs — the best place to start has been with one of our oldest institutions: banks. However, while critical to our economy, banks are generally inefficient, have high fixed costs and don’t exactly elicit happy thoughts from the average consumer. It’s for these reasons, among others, that the biggest opportunities in the financial world revolve around the disintermediation of these banks and core financial services.

Given this backdrop, it’s not…

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