Hey, IT, want to innovate? Become a network


My editor hates innovation. Actually, what she really hates is the way the term “innovation” gets dropped onto everything, particularly in the technology sector. The term and what it incapsulates is a relatively recent phenomenon in East Coast conversations, after a long Silicon Valley gestation. But innovation as a corporate buzzword has gained new legs for legitimate reasons.

IT departments are finally figuring out how to move from cost center to revenue generator. As they transfer necessary but dull computing functions to cloud-based services or outsourcers, CIOs and senior IT execs can take a lead role in how the company innovates by driving the adoption of new collaboration tools and processes. See, for example our recent Sector Roadmap report on innovation platforms (subscription required).

Even more, as “software eats the world,”IT departments can become better contributors to what the company sells. They must reallocate resources away from…

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