Design thinking: a useful myth or essential tool?


Don Norman was an academic teaching in a department of cognitive science who did not think or call himself a designer. Today he (proudly) calls himself a designer. While he is an academic still, he is also a business person with an impact.

This is a repost because I’m moderating a round-table with a very similar title: “Design Thinking: an enigma or a success story?” Guest of the round-table will be: + Rok Stritar, PhD, Faculty of Economics; + Luka Stepan, Gigodesign; + Andraž Mihelin, ISSA; + Roman Kužnar, PhD, Razvojni center IKT.

I’m honoured to be in such a distinguished company. So join us on Wednesday, June 10th from 11:30 till 13:00 hours at the hotel Mons Four Points by Sheraton, Ljubljana. It’s free of charge to register for the round-table, that is part of the event organized by Spirit Slovenija.

Don Norman argued in 2010 that…

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