Dwolla Direct Makes It Easier To Pay Online Using Your Bank Account (And Become A Dwolla User)


Payments network Dwolla has been trying to change how money is moved around electronically, with services meant to replace traditional bank technologies, like the days-long process of ACH transfers, for example. But today’s announcement of a new service called “Dwolla Direct” is an admission of sorts that ACH transactions aren’t going away any time soon.

With Dwolla Direct, the overall goal is to make the sign-up process for first-time Dwolla users easier and quicker, allowing them to send a business money from their bank account, without having to first establish a Dwolla account via the company website. But then that money is moved through “whatever method is the fastest,” which, sadly, is still ACH.

A number of businesses today already let you make payments from your bank account – you’ll often see this option on websites for big companies like your cable TV provider or mobile carrier, for example, as a supported payment…

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