Loop’s programmable credit card is now available in an iPhone case


LoopPay has begun shipping its iPhone case, which can be used to make credit card payments at any magnetic swipe terminal. Instead of using near-field communications or special software, Loop’s ChargeCase creates a magnetic field that emulates the data stored on a credit card and can be read by any point-of-sale terminal its held up against.

Last year, I reviewed Loop’s fob, and was actually quite impressed with how simple it was to use. The ChargeCase is basically the fob in a different form factor designed to fit around an iPhone 5 or 5s.

It connects to the iPhone through Bluetooth, instead of through the audio jack like the fob, but otherwise the principle is the same. Pressing a button on the side of case causes it to emit its magnetic field transferring your credit card data to the point of sale terminal, just as if you had swiped…

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