ReadyForZero Hooks Up With Banks To Help Users Wipe Out Credit Card Debt


In a minute, some product news. But first, a confession: Count me as part of the 50 percent of Americans with outstanding credit card debt.

Then about two years ago someone introduced me to ReadyForZero, which is a site for helping consumers pay down their debt. That started with credit cards, but has gradually expanded to other forms of debt, including student loans and mortgages. And, nowadays you can make payments directly from ReadyForZero.

All of that has been a huge help for me. Since joining, my personal debt graph has gone like this:

Screenshot 2014-06-17 10.30.46

So yeah, ReadyForZero is actually really awesome for those looking to pay off their debt. It’s doubled the amount of debt under management and increased the amount of payments processed by 15 percent over the last several months.

However, the service has only been available on its own website and apps. That’s…

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