Shopify lets its merchants choose when it comes to bitcoin payments: Coinbase or BitPay?


Bitcoin merchant adoption is fast becoming a neck-and-neck race between Coinbase and BitPay, two companies who both offer similar services as a payment processor for merchants. Expedia and Dish Network both use Coinbase, while TigerDirect and Virgin Galactic are partners with BitPay. Shopify used to be squarely in BitPay’s corner, but today it announced that the more than 100,000 businesses on the ecommerce platform can now choose Coinbase to be their payment provider as well.

“We’re not supporting one provider over the other. We want to make sure merchants have the choice because each one has their features and benefits. And we’re just happy to offer that level of choice,” said Louis Kearns, director of payments at Shopify, in a phone interview.

Shopify was early to hop on the bitcoin bandwagon when it teamed up with BitPay in November 2013. Kearns said “thousands” of businesses use BitPay already and it…

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