Move over, Coin: Plastc is making a programmable credit card that moves beyond the swipe


Plastc was later than Coin or LoopPay in unveiling its digital credit card, but it looks as if it used that time to design a more future-proof device. The Palo Alto startup has started taking pre-orders for a universal card that can be used in almost any kind of electronic transaction, whether it involves swiping, waving, tapping or scanning.

Its list of supported technologies includes near-field communications (NFC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and QR code generation, along with a programmable magnetic stripe on its back. But perhaps the most important acronym on its long list of specs is EMV.

Shorthand for Eurocard Mastercard Visa, EMV is the chip and PIN technology already used overseas to make point-of-sale credit card transactions more secure, and it will become a requirement at U.S. checkout counters and cash registers by October 2015.

Source: Plastc Source: Plastc

The lack of EMV support has been the biggest criticism leveled against Coin

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