Trends That Will Revolutionize The Retail Industry

Will there be a similar impact on retail banking?


Editor’s note: Babs Ryan is a global strategic product innovation consultant using Agile. In her role as principal at ThoughtWorks, she oversees creating differentiating value propositions and products for brands, using lean enterprise continuous delivery for in-market releases in weeks. 

In retail, innovation is the name of the game. Increasingly, retailers are staying ahead through unique in-store experiences that inspire shoppers through social lifestyles.

Take a look at STORY, a Manhattan retailer that continually changes everything in store, from products to fittings to events based upon different themes like “Love” or “Made in America.” They are described as a monthly magazine, meets art gallery, meets retailer concept. Taking the in-store experience to a whole new level, IKEA recently hosted a “one-night-only” sleepover for shoppers at its store near Sydney. Rooms that were advertised on Airbnb described in detail themes for individual suites, such as “reminiscent of a Swedish summer cottage.” And Burberry…

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